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Do You Need A Nail Staple Gun?

There comes a time when you’re ready to upgrade your toolbox. One of the tools you don’t need but that will absolutely help you finish your projects in less time is a nail and staple gun.

To answer the question from the top: while you may get away with using a hammer and nails, this tool will make your life easier (and safer).

Why Should I Buy A Nail Staple Gun?

Let’s see some reasons to consider this investment.

  • It’s faster: if you have to meet a strict deadline or like to work on many projects at the same time, using a nail staple gun will make the process run faster and smoother. These tools have a magazine for loading and storing your nails and staples. This makes them very convenient: forget about fumbling around and accidentally dropping something, it’s all taken care of.
  • It’s safer: because you don’t have to hold a nail with your fingers, there’s no direct risk of injury. Sure, be mindful and still practice safety to avoid mishaps.
  • It’s more powerful: a nail gun uses consistent power and pressure to drive a nail and it does so in fewer hits than if you were to use a hammer. This is also an advantage if you’re working with heavy-duty materials that are hard to pierce through.
  • It’s more precise: if you’re after precision, using a nail gun is superior to using a hammer because you’re sure you’ll never drive a crooked nail.
  • It’s convenient: we already touched on this in the beginning, but just so you don’t forget, you can keep all your nails and staples in your gun’s magazine. This means no more lugging around heavy boxes.

All of these points combined result in one crucial thing: improved quality of your work. Not only will you need less time to complete projects, but they will also be of higher quality, meaning they’ll last longer and demand fewer repairs.

How To Choose A Nail Staple Gun

There are many factors to consider when making this purchase. Choosing the right tool depends on what you need and how much you need it.


  • Value for money: more budget-friendly options usually can’t work with heavy-duty nails, but if that’s not something you need anyway there’s no reason to splurge.
  • Performance: consider battery life, power, and speed of your nail staple gun.
  • Comfort (easy to use): some guns are very heavy and don’t have ergonomic handles. Look for a model that will suit you.
  • Gauge (what size nails you can use with your gun): if you want to have a variety of options definitely look at more high-end models.
  • Speed (one or more speed settings): speeds or firing modes determine the amount of precision and power used for drilling.
  • Power source (air-powered or battery-powered): if you don’t want to use a battery-powered nail staple gun, you’ll need an air compressor.

What sort of projects do you use your nail staple gun for?

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